As a primary research theme, the Long Institute focuses on compliance, broadly defined as the interaction between business behavior and rules. Compliance management is a core challenge in both the US and China, as well as in other countries throughout the world. Firms are faced with expensive and complex regulatory rules, often originating from multiple and sometimes foreign jurisdictions and legal cultures. Regulators, both in the public and private sectors, are challenged to regulate firms and industries rapidly growing in number and complexity. They often lack information about internal processes and operations, as well as the understanding to regulate increasingly transnational operations with diverse cultural originations.  At times, they can also lack the capacity to successfully oversee and respond to situations of non-compliance and may even lack the authority and independence to act effectively.

The Long Institute develops research that helps both businesses and regulators to find more efficient ways to enhance compliance, even in these challenging conditions. At the same time the Long Institute also studies how the interaction between business and regulators shape how compliance and the law itself are understood in practice.  

The centre has a range of running research projects conducted by its faculty and fellows, both in the US and in China. At the same time it launches new research activities. One core initiative is the Compliance Action Laboratory that studies experimental methods to find unconscious, irrational and intercultural influences on compliance through lab and field experiments in real business and regulatory settings. Another major initiative is a Chinese language book series to disseminate leading ideas about how to improve regulation, enforcement and compliance to a Chinese audience of students, scholars and practitioners.

Please see below for more information on our approach to research and our projects.

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