UC Irvine Long Institute Launches New Journal on Chinese Law and Society

The UC Irvine Long Institute announces the launch of the new journal China Law and Society Review. The journal provides timely review articles on research in the development and functioning of law and legal institutions in China, focusing on interdisciplinary socio-legal research that analyses law in action in China. It publishes commissioned articles by leading senior scholars as well as emerging talent from across the globe. Early issues will center on legal institutions, the media, the Party, and civil society organizations. Later issues will study in depth the development and functioning of substantive areas of law. Each issue will present cross-cutting themes, including legal consciousness, access to justice, enforcement and compliance, ethics and corruption, and judicial independence. The Journal will position the literature on China in a broader comparative context, in order to analyze China’s special characteristics as well as draw out theoretical significance.

In the course of its publication China Law and Society Review will establish a comprehensive and authoritative account of Law and Society in China. By regularly updating the electronically published articles, the timeliness of the reviews will be ensured. The new Journal will be of interest to scholars of Chinese law, Chinese politics and governance, Chinese business, as well as Chinese society more broadly. Moreover, it will be of interest to public and private practitioners seeking to understand how to deal with law and legal institutions in the Chinese context. UC Irvine John & Marilyn Long Professor Benjamin van Rooij serves as editor-in-chief.