Yang SU

Professor YangAssociate Professor of Sociology
UC Irvine School of Social Sciences

Prof. Su is a leading expert on political sociology and sociology of law with a focus on collective action and social movements

Selected publications

  • Yang Su and Ting Jiang, 2015. "Government Counterframing and the Revolutionary No-show in 1989" in Guoguang Wo and Helen Lansdowne (ed.) China's Transition from Communism: New Perspectives. London: Routledge.
  • Xin He, Lungang Wang and Yang Su, 2013. “Above the Roof, Beneath the Law: Perceived Justice behind Disruptive Tactics of Migrant Wage Claimants in China.” Law & Society Review, 47(4): 703-738.
  • Peter Owens, Yang Su and David Snow, 2013. “Social Scientific Inquiry into Genocide and Mass Killing.” Annual Review of Sociology, Vol. 39.
  • Shizheng Feng and Yang Su, 2013. "The Making of a Maoist Model in Post-Mao Era: The Myth of Nanjie Village." Communist and Post-Communist Studies, 46 (1): 39-51.
  • Xin He and Yang Su, 2013. “Do the ‘Haves’ Come out ahead in Shanghai Courts?” Journal of Empirical Legal Studies, 10(1):120-45.
  • Yang Su and Shizheng Feng, 2013. “Adapt Or Voice: Class, Guanxi and Protest Propensity in China.” Journal of Asian Studies, 72(1):45-67.
  • Junqiang Liu, Moulin Xiong and Yang Su, 2012. "Perceived Happiness in the Era of Economic Growth." Social Sciences in China, December issue. 
  • Walder and Su, 2012. "The Cultural Revolution in the COuntryside: Scope, Timing and Human Impact." China Quarterly 173:75-99. 2003.
  • Yang Su, 2011. Collective Killings in Rural China During the Cultural Revolution, Cambridge University Press.
  • Yang Su and Xin He, 2010. “Street as Courtroom: State Accommodation of Labor Protest in South China.” Law and Society Review, 44(1):157-84.

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