Zheng LuProfessor of Finance
UCI Paul Merage School of Business

Prof. Zheng is a leading expert on finance, focusing on the performance and structure of delegated portfolio management, trading behavior, and welfare effects. Her research covers many aspects of investments, including equity markets, mutual funds, hedge funds, investor behavior and expectations, and institutional trading. She is frequently interviewed in leading media outlets.

Selected publications

  • “Does Media Coverage of Stocks Affect Mutual Funds’ Trading and Performance?” Lily H. Fang, Joel Peress, and Lu Zheng, Review of Financial Studies, 27 (12), December, (2014):3441-3466. (Journal link)
  •  “The Good, the Bad or the Expensive? Which Mutual Fund Managers Join Hedge Funds?” with 
Prachi Deuskar, Joshua Matthew Pollet and Zhi Jay Wang, The Review of Financial Studies (2011)
  • “The ABCs of Mutual Funds: On the Introduction of Multiple Share Classes,” with Vikram Nanda and Jay Wang, Journal of Financial Intermediation, 18(3), 329-361. (2009)
  • “Investor Flows and Stock Market Returns,” with Brian Boyer, Journal of Empirical Finance, 16 (1), 87-100. (2009)
  • “Unobserved Actions of Mutual Funds,” with Marcin Kacperczyk and Clemens Sialm, The Review of Financial Studies, 21, 2379-2416. (Lead article) (2008)
  • “Tax-loss Selling and the January Effect: Evidence from Municipal Bond Closed-End Funds,” with Laura T. Starks and Li Yong, The Journal of Finance, 61 (6), 3049-3067. (2006)

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