Wang Feng
Professor of Sociology
UC Irvine School of Social Sciences

Prof. Wang is a leading expert on demography, aging and inequality. A former director of the Brookings Policy Center in Beijing, he has a co-appointment at Fudan University. He is the author of multiple award-winning books and is a contributor to leading global media outlets.

Selected publications

  • Prudence and Pressure, Reproduction and Human Agency in Europe and Asia, 1700-1900 (Noriko O. Tsuya, Wang Feng, George Alter, James Z. Lee, et al.). Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. 2010.
  • Creating Wealth and Poverty in Post-Socialist China (Deborah Davis and Wang Feng, editors). Stanford: Stanford University Press. 2009.
  • Boundaries and Categories: Rising Inequality in Post-Socialist Urban China. Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2008.
  • One Quarter of Humanity, Malthusian Mythology and Chinese Realities 1700-2000. (James Lee and Wang Feng). Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press. 1999.

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