Our Core Faculty

Mei Zhan

Mei Zhan is a leading expert on medical anthropology, science and technology studies, globalization and transnationalism. Her research focuses on traditional Chinese medicine, what scandals tell us about China’s development, and what Daoism can teach science.

She is Associate Professor of Anthropology at the School of Social Sciences here at UCI. 

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Our Events

At the Long Institute, we believe that the development of today's China can be viewed through an exploration of how the country faces its challenges and opportunities. Our events are coordinated with this mission in mind, inviting scholars across disciplines both on campus and elsewhere to join in constructing the types of active discourse and critical lenses often needed in the pursuit.

To name some, we coordinated a semester-long colloquium on the variegated facets of justice; three perspectives on China's approach to climate change; a multi-generational panel on being a Chinese scholar on China; a new take on Chinese historiography; and Chinese companies pursuing electric car development in Southern California. Coming up for 2017-18, we will host a two-day conference on air pollution in China.

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LA Times Features GCPI

LA Times Features Global Chinese Philanthropy Initiative

Los Angeles Times recently reported on the significant findings on Chinese and Chinese American philanthropy produced by the Global Chinese Philanthropy Initiative (GCPI). The Times interviewed a number of donors, including Water Wang, Ming Hsieh, and John Long, who provided the generous gift that launched the Long Institute. A number of study highlights were also featured, challenging common perceptions that those of Chinese descent don't give back to society.

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